Let your story
powerful. attractive. memorable. emotional. seen.

Welcome to META HIVE.
We are Web3 branding studio dedicated to helping WEB 3 companies reach their full potential.


In addition to design, branding and marketing
activities, we are also passionate about new technologies.


     Help Web3 companies grow and succeed, and

     Help traditional WEB 2 companies  to enter web 3.0 effectively and stressfree.


We draw inspiration from bees by embodying their beneficial, reliable, and well-coordinated traits.

Our mission is to guide our clients to succeed while positively impacting the world, just like bees do.

Take a quick stroll down our hive.
If you believe that you have found a partner that matches your energy, book a call with us.

Lea Škrubej
digital media expert; founder
Matija Grdina
graphic designer & UI/UX Specialist; founder
Žiga Zavrl
Video & multimedia producer
Aleš Živanović
content marketing expert and storyteller

Let your story be(e) powerful.

Brand storytelling

Business identity, positioning & tone of voice

Growth strategy

Logo, typography & colors

Let your story be(e) attractive.

Branding materials

Digital Ads

Web design

Visuals for social media, blogs …

Let your story be(e) memorable.

From A to Z (pre-production, production, postproduction, and distribution)

Let your story be(e) emotional.


Social media content

Webpage content

Press Release  

Let your story be(e) online.

Beautiful, interactive, fast and secure websites.

Let your story be(e) seen.

Social media strategy.
Content and visuals for different social media platforms.
Performance tracking.

Let your story be(e) a success.

We are lucky to collaborate with other Web3 experts. Togerher we can assist you with the right contacts.



  • By becoming part of your team.

  • By delivering on time.

  • By approaching each story as if it were our own and providing customized solutions.

  • By out-of-the-box (divergent) thinking.

  • By using your story to make believers out of your customers.

  • Visually appealing, yet highly effective.



  • Just as bees cannot fly at night or live a life of solitude outside their hive,
    we also believe in creating high-trust environments and the power of a team, so we’ve assembled a strong one.
  • We love challenging and inspiring people through stories as we believe storytelling moves people and can explain pretty much anything, no matter how complicated.
  • Why WEB3.0? Because we believe in levering WEB 3.0 technologies to change the world for the better.
  • Driven by and obsessed with social impact, we yearn to help the meaningful WEB 3 project succeed and onboard the rest of the world.

Get to know


Matija and I have been successfully managing projects for over 10 years, co-created many
brands and helped them gain recognition and grow.

Throughout our endeavor, we’ve met a handful full of people we didn’t just click with; little did

we know, they just tuned out to be outstanding experts in their respective professional areas.

Over the years, our discussions steered towards daydreaming about bigger challenges; the

projects that would make our wildest ideas come to life. We started flirting with a thought of

taking on fewer projects where we could truly leverage our creativity and know-how (to boost

the projects’ reach and efficacy).

We’ve joined forces and came together in METABEES.

Lea Škrubej

digital media expert; founder


Matija Grdina

graphic designer & UI/UX Specialist; founder

Not only will he immediately see eye to eye with you on what the final product should be like, but he’ll take everything to another level.

 In addition to aesthetics, he focuses on having a thorough understanding of your needs and values, putting the user experience at the forefront of the design process. 

He is truly creative and hence indispensable in every brainstorming session.

Žiga Zavrl

Video & multimedia producer

I cannot picture Žiga without his camera. He fell in love with creating video content and animations in college, where we met, and after all these years, he still extremely passionate about his projects. 

Needless to say, phrases like “it won’t work” or “that can’t be done” are not part of his vocabulary.


Aleš Živanović

content marketing expert and storyteller

Aleš is like our older brother, a seasoned veteran, experienced in storytelling and brand development. 

He is skilled and engaging and his stories truly leave an impact.


Experienced consultants help us acquire deeper understanding of web3.0.

Tilen Škrubej

Tilen is Chief Revenue Officer and partner at Solidum Capital, which provides crypto startups with several treasury management solutions. He’s passionate about elevating and helping others succeed, considers himself a deeply embedded connector in the crypto ecosystem, and believes that blockchain and digital assets are integral to the natural transition to the Web3 economy.

May Mahboob

Co-Founder of MBD Financials: Photorealistic, Decentralized Metaverse Business District.

A Decentralized District That Empowers Individuals To Create Their Own Financial Eco System.

Entrepreneur, Executive Leader, Innovator, Visionary, and Creator. A disruptor of systemic barriers of poverty, inequality, and segregation. Providing accessibility of resources, opportunities, financial inclusion through the use of emerging technology such as digital finance, cryptocurrency, web 3, metaverse, blockchain, and financial literacy.

Sagar Barvaliya

Engineer by Heart, Worked with Top Automotive companies and Startup accelerator like Techstars and Founder institute before going all into rabbit hole of crypto space.

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